JD Bank Consumer Loans Fund Summer Fun - JD Bank

A consumer loan from JD Bank opens a world of recreational opportunities as the weather warms, school ends, and friends and family begin to really enjoy all the outdoor activities available throughout southwest Louisiana. As we approach summer, continued low interest rates and JD Bank’s commitment to Louisiana lending help make this the perfect time to explore a consumer loan for a boat, recreational vehicle, motorcycle or even a great family vacation.

Beyond recreational activities and family fun, JD Bank consumer loans help cover other important needs such as medical expenses, debt consolidation or a new baby’s arrival. Or perhaps you are interested in a new car, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or camper. JD Bank consumer loans can be used for all of this, and more.

“Interest rates are still low and the weather is nice, so it’s a good time to look at how a consumer loan from JD Bank can work for you,” said Karen Drewett, Executive Vice President/Chief Lending Officer of JD Bank. “As we near the summer months, this is when boat and recreational vehicle loans start getting more popular.”

Not Just a Loan – Get the Right Loan for Your Needs

It’s important to know your options when making a substantial purchase, particularly if you aren’t buying from another private owner. Financing can often be available from dealerships for recreational vehicles, boats and cars. But securing your financing through JD Bank before you shop for a new automobile or watercraft has advantages in helping you get the most for your money, and comes with the convenience and concern of a local lender in your community.

“Our job is more than just helping people with a loan. We go out of our way to find the right loan solution for your needs,” said Oliver Clark, Assistant Manager and Consumer Lender for the JD Bank – Kirby St. branch office in Lake Charles. “It’s a local, quick, in-house decision for your loan. It allows you to make your payments locally, and if you ever have any questions, you can walk in to one of our branches anytime. I do a lot of work on vehicles, campers and four-wheelers. Side-by-side utility vehicles for camps and hunters are very popular right now.”

May is traditionally a popular month throughout southwest Louisiana for boat and personal watercraft loans. Working with the lenders at JD Bank is a quick way to get the funds for any purchase, and it may be available from a source the customer doesn’t expect at first.

“I’m always trying to figure out the best option we have to get the customer whatever is needed,” said Clark. “Sometimes it might be a line of credit so you can use those funds down the road. We are going to find the best option together. The ultimate goal is to get them what they want, in the best, easiest and most affordable way for the customer.”

Local. Quick. In-House. JD Bank.

When customers come to JD Bank for a consumer loan application, it’s helpful to have their previous two paychecks, or even just a cell phone photo of them.

“If someone was to come in today, I could likely have the answer on the loan today,” said Clark. “The biggest hurdle for me is getting the information from a dealership to finalize the process. After I get all the information I need, we always aim to have everything completed for a customer by the end of the day.”

Clark recommends exploring all your options for financing to take all of the variables into consideration.

“We back everything we do up with a loan officer right in your area who can have your funding ready to go – and you can visit with the loan officer at any time,” he said. “For a car, boat, RV or camper, don’t just bypass the dealer because understanding what’s available is in your best interest. A lot of times face-to-face customer service outweighs a one- or two-percent rate difference for the customer. The best part of my job is when we’ve completed the process, and people are happy and going to get what they need. Helping people get what they want or need is really rewarding.”

JD Bank is committed to making loans to qualified applicants for a variety of needs. Our team of experienced loan officers like Clark and Drewett can put the funds in your hands quickly, hassle-free and with flexible term options.

“It’s always worth it to hear what lending solutions JD Bank can provide,” said Drewett. “If the loan is for purchasing a vehicle, camper or boat from a dealer, instead of talking about the cost of the monthly payments, you’ll be able to talk about the overall price of the item, and that can give you room to work and more room to negotiate.”

For more information on consumer loans, visit one of JD Bank’s convenient locations located across southwest Louisiana, or call 1-800-789-5159.