Tony Hulsey Honored By Jeff Davis Chamber of Commerce - JD Bank

Jennings Vice President and Branch Manager Tony Hulsey was recently honored with an award by the Jeff Davis Chamber of Commerce for three years of distinguished service, including serving as Chairman of the Board in 2015.Hulsey’s dedication to civic growth and community service in Jennings and the surrounding communities is well known and admired. He is a member of the local Kiwanis Club and Lions Club, a volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity and Vice Chairman for Economic Development for Jeff Davis Parish.

“I’ve been involved with the Chamber for 15 years, this was my second stint as a member of the board and it has always been rewarding,” said Hulsey. “JD Bank has always been a big supporter of the Chamber of Commerce. We know the value in helping our Chamber be successful.”

Hulsey serves as the Branch Manager at the Jennings branches located on Main St., Roberts Ave. and West Division.