New JD Bank Redesigned Account Statements Begin August 1st - JD Bank

In an effort to make your banking experience with JD Bank the best that it can be, we are rolling out a new layout of our monthly bank statements starting August 1st, 2018. The new statement design will include the use of color to make the most important areas of the statement more noticeable and easier for you to navigate.

The new design of our statement includes:

  • New larger and easier to read account and contact information.
  • Alerts for upcoming changes in current JD Banking products or newly offered products.
  • Helpful tips on how to make the most of your current banking services.
  • A frontpage snapshot of all of your accounts on the first page.
  • QR CODE links to bring you directly to the web pages mentioned in our tips.
  • Easier to read account and interest summary information.
  • Transactions clearly shown in posting date order.
  • Clearly defined columns with no overlap.
  • Easier to read transaction descriptions.
  • Easy to read information boxes that are clearly defined.

Here is a look at the new design:


Making your banking experience with JD Bank the best that can be is our main focus. And as always … Thank you for Choosing JD Bank for all of your banking needs.