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Card Valet

Card Valet

JD Bank offers services that help our customers protect their identity. CardValet allows you to control how, when and where your debit card is used with an application on your smartphone. JD Bank has added Card Valet to our fraud prevention tools and it’s great for cardholders who want to proactively manage & monitor their accounts.

Strengthen the security of your JD Bank debit card with CardValet, which conveniently helps you protect your debit card with your mobile device. You can turn your card OFF if it is misplaced or stolen and turn your card ON when it is ready to be used.  Also, limit the amount of any transaction for your debit card using great features like transaction controls.

Nothing beats the convenience of your JD Bank debit card –  and protecting your card through your mobile device is easy with CardValet. Also receive alerts to know when, where and how your cards are used. CardValet is a great way to manage the risk and help fight fraud.

Safeguard your debit cards. Check out many other great features on the CardValet app now.