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Christmas Club

Somehow the holidays seem to catch us all by surprise — especially buying all those expensive gifts for loved ones. Add in the cost of holiday decorations and travel arrangements, and your January statements won’t be pretty; either your account balance is a lot smaller or your credit card bill is a lot larger.

Don’t let the holidays catch you by surprise this year. Start saving now with a Christmas Club Account from JD Bank.


First we automatically deduct a pre-designated amount from your checking or savings account each week and deposit it into your JD Bank Christmas Club Account. In November, that money is transferred back into your checking or savings account just in time for your holiday shopping.

AND, if you make 49 weekly deposits to your JD Bank Christmas Club Account, we will give you one matching deposit equal to your weekly deposit amount over the last 49 weeks (maximum matching deposit of $200).

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposits can be made.
  • Automatic deposits MUST be setup up to withdraw from your checking or savings.
  • Account must originate before January 31st**.
  • Matching deposit not to exceed $200.
  • Automatic deposits MUST be setup to withdraw from your checking or savings.
  • Account must be opened after the first Tuesday of December until January 31st**.
  • Deposits MUST be made weekly to qualify for the matching deposit, no “catching up” on missed payments after January 31st**.
  • No withdrawals can be made until the 50th week.

**NOTE: A customer may open a Christmas Club Account after the first Tuesday of December. If the customer wants to receive a “Matching” payment from JD Bank, they must catch-up the account to equal the weekly payment amount that is going to be transferred for the 49 weeks otherwise they will not receive a “Matching” payment from us. We do not allow any catch-up accounts after January 31st. A customer may open a Christmas Club Account after January 31st but will not be eligible to receive the “Matching” payment.

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