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Cash Management Services

Wherever you may be — in the office, in the field, in a meeting or on the go — staying on top of your business finances has never been easier than today with JD Bank.

No matter the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, JD Bank can help you run your company more efficiently. Managing a business has never been more complex or challenging. With JD Bank, you will get 24/7 access to our secure web server, allowing you to view your organization’s prior-day, current-day and real-time banking information at your convenience. You can save time, improve cash flow and streamline cash management for your growing business.

  • Provides detailed, 24/7 access to your account information – including current balances and transaction history.
  • Availability to export transactions into Quickbooks™ and Quicken™.
  • Easier funding of transfers and recurring fund transfers.
  • Take advantage of our online statements to quickly and efficiently access your account history.
  • Unique to JD Bank Business Online Banking are multiple roles that can be assigned. Grant various employees the appropriate levels of access to company accounts, allowing several employees to use Business Online Banking, but only permitting the features designated by the account owner.
  • These powerful, browser-based JD Bank Business Online Banking tools can help make your business more profitable and your work more efficient.


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AVP, Cash Management Manager

For more information about BUSINESS ONLINE BANKING  – or any business or financial service – call SARAH AT 337-656-7355  OR 337-764-4104 (cell).


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AVP, Cash Management Specialist

For more information about BUSINESS ONLINE BANKING  – or any business or financial service – call JESS AT 985-334-4223 OR 985-788-3779 (cell).


A cost-effective way for your business to move money

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are a fast and efficient method of issuing and receiving payments. This service allows businesses of all sizes to make payments and deposits when and where they want. JD Bank ACH Origination is a cost-effective method for handling routine transactions and can be used for a wide variety of payments and deposits – including direct deposit of employee payroll, taxes, and paying vendors.

ACH is an alternative to paper checks and wire transfers, allowing businesses to efficiently collect funds and use a next business day settlement. Business customers can set up recurring ACH transactions that allow files to be sent weekly or monthly with little effort.


  • Same Day ACH Origination (Additional Charges Apply)
  • Expedites collections of receivables.
  • Manage recurring payments, such as payroll direct deposit.
  • Accounts are prefunded before disbursement.
  • ACH files can be set up for dual control review before release of funds.
  • A JD Bank Cash Management Specialist can accept your application and have you enrolled in no time.

Safely and easily deposit checks, right from your office

JD Bank Remote Deposit Capture is a cost-effective remote deposit solution for your business. Remote Deposit Capture allows you to safely and easily deposit checks, right from your office, by scanning the checks and electronically submitting them directly to JD Bank. Streamline your check deposit process, manage receivables and reduce your trips to the bank by electronically sending deposits with JD Bank Remote Deposit Capture.


  • Access to make deposits 24/7.
  • Save time preparing deposits.
  • Consolidate funds from remote locations into JD Bank accounts.
  • Limit trips to the bank and travel fees.
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud.
  • Increases notification timing on returned items.

The most effective way to pay your bills quickly and accurately

JD Bank Business Bill Pay makes paying your bills quick, easy and secure. It is the most effective way to pay your bills on-time and accurately, and it is available 24/7. Take advantage of the additional savings generated due to staff members taking fewer trips to the post office, spending less time processing payments and your business no longer needing to purchase expensive paper checks.


  • Easily add companies – our Quick-Add feature lets you add billers by simply typing the company name and entering your account number.
  • Set up reminders – User email reminders notify you when payments are due.
  • Make recurring payments – Excellent for payments that donít change from month to month.
  • Option to include credit memos with your payments.
  • Bill payments can be setup for dual control review before release.
  • Easy to view your payment history. 

A powerful way to stop the most common methods of check fraud

JD Bank Positive Pay is one of the best tools you can use to protect your company against check fraud. It is a comprehensive solution for identifying fraudulent checks that have cleared against your business account. Positive Pay allows you to import positive pay files each day detailing the checks your business issues. The system electronically compares it to the information in your file. If differences or discrepancies are found, the check is flagged and placed in the Positive Pay “Exception” list for you to review.

Exceptions such as duplicate transactions, amount discrepancies and check number mismatches are identified automatically. Any discrepancies are flagged and reported through an email alert. You see an image of the file and make an online decision on paying the check through your JD Bank Business Online login. 


  • Protects your company against fraud.
  • Prevents check altering and forgery.
  • Automates account reconciliation process.
  • Streamlines check storage and retrieval.
  • If a check ends up in the “Exception” list, you determine whether it will be paid.

Easily make secure wire transfers right from your office domestically or internationally

JD Bank Business Online Wires eliminate the need for you to visit a local branch office each time you have to initiate a wire transfer. You make a secure wire transfer right from your office at your convenience. Wire transfers are the fastest, most convenient way for your business to move funds rapidly and securely around the country or around the globe. Unlike ACH Origination, which provides next-day transfer of funds, wire transfers provide same-day, nearly immediate transfer of funds. When you need to transfer funds quickly, JD Bank Business Online Wires is the best choice.


  • Send available funds quickly for a purchase or business need.
  • Initiate domestic or international payments.
  • Manage recurring wire transfers.
  • Wire transfers can be setup for dual control review before release.
  • Get confirmation notices quickly.

With 24-hour access to your accounts, spend more time running your business than running to the bank

Take control of your financial affairs with the JD Bank Business Mobile Banking App. We understand when managing a business, time is often the most important commodity. And whether your company is international or just getting started, at JD Bank all business is local. The JD Bank Business Mobile Banking App allows you to manage your funds 24/7, remotely and securely, from your mobile device or tablet.

You or any employees you designate will be able to conduct key business banking functions on the same JD Bank account, securely and conveniently, from your mobile device. Save time, stay organized and keep your transactions more secure with this anytime access to your accounts.

For the convenience to handle your business banking whenever and wherever you want, download the JD Bank Business Mobile Banking App from your mobile device from the Apple App Store™ or the Google Play Store™.


  • Bank securely with the highest encryption, authentication and firewall standards.
  • Check account balances.
  • View transactions and account history in real time.
  • Make transfers between accounts.
  • Approve transfer of funds.
  • Pay bills and approve bill payments.
  • Approve ACH batches.
  • Deposit Checks quickly with Mobile Deposit


Harness the platform that powers your business!

Owning a business can be demanding-from tracking inventory and supervising employees to taking orders and everything in between! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Clover from Fiserv, a leading global provider of payments and financial technology solutions. Clover helps simplify your operations with a payment processing system and business management solution tailored to meet the unique needs of restaurants, retailers and services businesses.


  • Accept more types of payments including EMV® chip cards, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®
  • Protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in security
  • Grow your business online and manage everything in one place
  • Manage inventory, employee schedules, payroll and more
  • Turn future credit card sales into working capital with Clover Capital – no fixed payment amount, no fixed term, no interest rate

In addition to hundreds of business management applications and built-in reporting capabilities, Clover point of sale solutions include:

  • Clover Go – All-in-one contactless, chip and swipe card reader that wirelessly pairs with a mobile device.
  • Clover Flex – Accept payments tableside, in-line, on the floor, or off premises with this handheld portable POS. Includes: built-in receipt printer, camera, and QR scanner in a single device.
  • Clover Mini – Compact, countertop system with full-scale POS functionality that can connect to cash drawer.
  • Clover Station Solo – All-in-one countertop, POS and business management system with one merchant-facing screen and a receipt printer that enables you to run your business efficiently.
  • Clover Station Duo – A fast and powerful all-in-one countertop POS and business management system with a second screen that lets customers initiate payment and view the transaction.
  • Clover Kiosk – Provides seamless transactions at the customer’s fingertips while freeing up quick service and fast casual restaurant staff
  • Clover KDS – A durable, restaurant-grade, kitchen display system purpose-built to keep your whole restaurant in sync.
  • Virtual Terminal – Run your business from your laptop, phone or tablet.


NMLS# 1443431

AVP, Cash Management Manager

For more information about CASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES  – or any business or financial service – call SARAH AT 337-656-7355  OR 337-764-4104 (cell).


NMLS# 602946

AVP, Cash Management Specialist

For more information about CASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES  – or any business or financial service – call JESS AT 985-334-4223 OR 985-788-3779 (cell).