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Fixed Rate IRA

Reach Your Savings Goals Faster with Competitive Fixed Rates.

Reach Your Savings Goals Faster with Competitive Fixed Rates.

Earn higher returns than basic savings accounts with terms ranging from 12 to 48 months to help you reach your short-term or long-term goals. A Fixed Rate IRA makes your savings plan simple with fixed rates and defined terms—no surprises, just savings. 


Enjoy a comfortable tomorrow with an Individual Retirement Account from JD Bank!



for 12 months

Open a 12-Month Fixed Rate IRA with a minimum deposit of $1,000 for 12 months (term) to yield 4.00% APY* annually in returns.



for 24 months

Open a 24-Month Fixed Rate IRA with a minimum deposit of $1,000 for 24 months (term) to yield 3.50% APY* annually in returns.



for 36 months

Open a 36-Month Fixed Rate IRA with a minimum deposit of $1,000 for 36 months (term) to yield 3.00% APY* annually in returns.



for 48 months

Open a 48-Month Fixed Rate IRA with a minimum deposit of $1,000 for 48 months (term) to yield 2.50% APY* annually in returns.


  • Rates are fixed for the designated term
  • Visit a branch for further details 
  • 12 to 48-month terms
  • $1,000 minimum opening deposit required
  • The rules for withdrawing from an IRA vary depending on age and the type of IRA
  • Visit the IRS website for more information on IRA withdrawals
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Fees for early withdrawal may apply**

The information presented is subject to change. It is not an offer or contract for any product or service, and it does not replace the legal terms and conditions of the product or service. Please refer to your agreement and related disclosures for the legal terms and conditions which will affect your product or service. JD Bank does not offer tax, legal or accounting advice. Consult an appropriate professional concerning your specific situation and irs.gov for current tax rules.


*Annual Percentage Yield. **Penalty exceptions generally include: distribution to a beneficiary due to death of owner, medical insurance after losing a job, a scheduled series of substantially equal periodic payments, qualified post-secondary education expenses, total and permanent disability, rollover, tax levy, qualified reservist distribution, cost associated with the birth or adoption of a child (up to $5,000), deductible medical expenses, and buy, build or rebuild a first home (up to $10,000). JD Bank does not give tax advice and IRA tax rules change frequently. For the most updated information, visit IRS.gov.