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Mobile Deposit Quick Tips

(Revised March 2015)


All checks deposited in a consumer account must be endorsed with the following:

  • Back of check: Your signature

All checks deposited in a non-consumer account must be endorsed with the following:

  • Back of check: Business Name

The endorsement requirements listed above, along with standard check completion requirements are required for ALL checks to successfully be accepted through the Mobile Deposit feature on the JD Bank Mobile App. Standard check completion requires the following fields be completed accurately and entirely:
Date / Dollar Amount (numerical) / Payee Endorsement / Pay to the Order Of / Dollar Amount (written)


There is a $1,000 per calendar day limit, along with a $3,000 per calendar month limit per customer, on each account.

Only one check per deposit is allowed. Multiple deposits may be made each day as long as you have not exceeded the $1,000 daily limit on each account.

Cut-Off Time

Checks deposited before 5:30 pm (CST) will be reviewed/ processed the same business day. After 5:30 pm (CST), the deposit will be reviewed/ processed the next business day. For purposes of funds availability, a business day is Monday through Friday, excluding all federal holidays.

Additional Assistance

If you have questions regarding the mobile App and/ or Mobile Deposit feature (set up process for the App, whether or not your check was accepted, etc.) please contact a branch or visit JDBank.com to view the Frequently Asked Questions (located on the home screen “Electronic Banking”) or the full Terms & Conditions (located at the bottom of the home screen or in the First Time Users link at top of home screen). You may also contact 1-800-789-1335 Monday – Friday between the hours of 8AM to 5PM, excluding Federal Holidays.