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Business Online Banking

Managing a business has never been more complex or challenging, and JD Bank has an array of powerful Business Online Banking tools to make your work more profitable and efficient.

With JD Bank’s Business Online Banking, you get 24/7 access to our secure web server, allowing you to view your organization’s prior-day, current-day and real-time banking information at your convenience. You can save time, improve cash flow and streamline cash management with these JD Bank tools for your growing business.

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  • Provides detailed, 24/7 access to your account information – including current balances and transaction history.
  • Availability to export transactions into QuickBooks® and Quicken®.
  • Fund transfers and recurring fund transfers are easier than ever.
  • Take advantage of our online statements to quickly and efficiently access your account history.
  • Easily manage your account information through a flexible, user-friendly interface.
  • Assign multiple administrative roles to employees needing online access.
    • Unique to JD Bank Business Banking Online are the administrative roles that can be assigned. You are able to grant various employees the appropriate levels of access to company accounts. This allows several employees to use Business Online Banking, but only permits features designated by the account owner.


  • The flexibility of using ACH Transfers; saving time and money by issuing payroll electronically with direct deposit.
  • Eliminate the need for overnight delivery expenses of critical paper checks by using the efficiency of wire transfers.
  • Save time, postage, and staff hours by using Business Bill Pay for all your payables. Streamline your company’s financial operations. Get started with Business Online Banking by contacting a JD Bank Electronic Business Service Specialist today. Just click on the box below.
IMPORTANT NOTICE - An employee of JD Bank will NEVER call and ask for your private information or a one-time passcode.
Even if a call comes from a JD Bank phone number, never give your password, account number, SSN, or other personal information to someone who initiates the call.