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Agricultural Loans

Let’s Grow Louisiana Together

JD Bank – A Louisiana Agricultural Lending Resource

JD Bank will always have a strong understanding of rural communities and the needs of those in the agricultural industry. We have decades of experience helping farmers, ranchers and others in the agricultural business. We customize land and farm loans, equipment financing, operating loans and lines of credit to help people across the state.

JD Bank can provide the resources that our customers need to be successful today and tomorrow. We have over 70 years of experience in working within rural communities – it’s a big part of our history.

Being able to provide reliable and consistent credit allows JD Bank to contribute to the success of the agricultural industry in Louisiana. Randall Vigee is an experienced banker who specializes in Agricultural Lending. He travels across the state to work with farmers, ranchers and others in the agricultural industry.

Contact Randall today to discuss solutions to your needs.

Randall Vigee
SVP/Commercial Lender
300 Park Ave.
Eunice, LA 70535
Phone 337-546-3946
Fax 337-457-2265