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Report a Stolen/Lost Card

Safety Tips

                             To report a lost or stolen Check or Debit Card, please call us immediately at 1-833-999-1091.



  • Treat your card like cash – store it in a safe place.
  • Make a record of card numbers, expiration dates and phone numbers. Keep this record in a safe place, separate from where you keep your cards. Use this information when you report your cards lost or stolen.
  • Keep your PIN to yourself.
  • Never put your account number or PIN on the outside of an envelope or postcard.
  • Never disclose information in response to unsolicited emails or phone calls.
  • Don’t give your debit or credit card number over the phone unless you’ve made the call.
  • Be alert for “shoulder surfing” and “card skimming.”
  • Shop carefully online – only use secure sites displaying the Padlock symbol.
  • Write down the toll-free emergency number and keep it with you, but separate from your card.
  • Report lost or stolen card at once.
  • Immediately call your financial institution to minimize unauthorized transactions.
  • File a police report to document theft.