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ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House

ACH Origination (Automatic Clearing House) is a fast and efficient method of issuing and receiving payments. This service allows businesses of all sizes to make payments and deposits when and where they want.

ACH Origination is a cost-effective method for handling routine transactions and can be used for a wide variety of payments and deposits – including direct deposit of payroll and paying vendors. ACH Origination is an alternative to paper checks and wire transfers, allowing businesses to efficiently move or collect funds and using a next business day settlement.

  • ACH Origination is a cost-effective method for making payments like payroll, vendor and tax payments.
  • Expedite collection of your receivables.
  • Manage recurring payments, such as payroll direct deposit.
  • Accounts are prefunded before disbursement
  • ACH files can be setup for dual control review before release. Contact a JD Bank Cash Management Specialist to get started with ACH Origination. It is a cost effective and timely way for your business to move money. Click the box below to receive more information.