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Mint Conversion Instructions


As JD Bank completes its system conversion, Mint aggregation services may be interrupted for up to 5 business days.

You will be able to access online banking information by directly logging into your financial institution website during the interrupted time.

MINT CONVERSION INFORMATION data is stored on Intuit cloud servers. Data is updated with every change and cannot restore data to a previous point in time.

For a successful account update, do not login into for JD Bank until after 10/17/2017.

During this time, the server will automatically make the system conversion for your activated accounts.  If you login into during this time, you may see duplicate accounts or an error displayed.  Please do not attempt to change the status or make any changes in during this time.  After 10/17/2017, the accounts should reconcile showing your transaction history available.

In the event that your accounts do not display current transactions after 10/17/2017, you may log back into and click refresh to update the account.  After the download completes, click the Transactions tab to view up to 90 days of transaction history.