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  • Earns Interest
  • No monthly fee, if balance requirements are met
  • $500 Overdraft Privilege
  • Free Cashier’s Checks
  • 0.25% discount on loans with Auto Debit
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FDIC Protection

You can feel safe knowing that your deposits at JD Bank are covered by the FDIC. To learn more about FDIC coverage, click the learn more button.  

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JD Bank Products


Checking Accounts

ZydeCash includes high-yield checking and savings accounts with a free debit card, free monthly checking, no minimum balance and all of the support and convenience that is the tradition of service at JD Bank.


Savings Accounts & CDs

The ZydeCash Savings account is an interest bearing account on balances up to $30,000. No minimum balance is required and you receive all of the support and convenience that is the tradition of service at JD Bank.



Want to make sure that your future is secure but aren’t sure where to begin? Let one of the Financial Advisors at JD Prime Investments help protect your hard-earned investments and help you retire and stay retired. 



Our home lenders are local, with decades of experience helping individuals and families with home loans that are a perfect fit. 


Commercial Lending

Whether you have an established company, your business is rapidly growing or you are considering starting your own business, JD Bank Commercial Lenders can be the key to your success.


Business Banking

At JD Bank, Small Business means Big Business. If your business has a low volume of monthly transactions, you need JD Bank’s Small Business Checking.