JD Bank is dedicated to growing Louisiana and lending to local businesses of all types and sizes. We partner with Louisiana businesses for the financing they need to get started or continue to grow, and JD Bank has over 70 years of experience lending to local companies in a wide range of industries.

Business Statement Savings with JD BankCommercial builders, restaurants, energy companies and medical facilities are just a few of the industries that JD Bank has worked with to find lending solutions. All businesses require funding, and JD Bank is proud to have been part of the amazing growth of this region.

“We pride ourselves on our flexibility and knowing our customers,” said Ann Barilleaux, Vice President Marketing Director of JD Bank. “Our lenders are experienced in business financing, and they work with small business owners, help them understand their options and make the most of opportunities.”

Here are five things to know about commercial and business lending with JD Bank.

1. Qualified applicants can utilize JD Bank commercial lending for any business need.

“You can use a commercial loan for working capital, purchasing a building, new equipment, investment real estate, expansions or anything a business may need,” said Barilleaux. “Short-term needs are where an unsecured business line of credit comes in.”

An unsecured business line of credit gives business owners rapid access to cash flow secured by the equity in their business.

2. Any asset can be considered collateral for a business loan.

“Real estate, equipment, accounts receivable and any general asset of a business can be considered collateral,” Barilleaux said.

3. It’s not always necessary to have collateral.

JD Bank has several types of unsecure loans available that don’t demand collateral, and many regional businesses have thrived with the assistance of an unsecure loan.

4. Many businesses are launched when a co-signer helps with a credit-based loan.

“It’s known as a guarantor, and we see that quite a bit,” said Barilleaux. “Particularly among beginning businesses. A start-up may not have cash flow at first, but a friend, family member or associate could have the funds or assets to help a small, young business get started.”

5. Business funding arrives quickly from JD Bank. 

 “It generally depends on the size and complexity of a loan but a smaller unsecure loan can get approved and funded within 72 hours,” said Barilleaux. “Real estate loans can take longer because of appraisals.”

– JDB –

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