Veteran Acadiana Banker Appointed Vice-President/Treasury Management Specialist

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Lafayette, La- JD Bank is pleased to announce that well-known Acadiana banker Pam Judson has joined our team as Vice-President/Treasury Management Specialist. Judson will be located at JD Bank’s Lafayette Branch at 300 Verot School Road. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she has called Acadiana home for the last 25 years.

As Treasury Management Specialist, her solution-driven responsibilities include providing customers large and small with streamlined cash management analysis, helping them save time and money, and reviewing new products with them, including the latest in technology, safety and security features. “We are very fortunate to have someone with Pam’s talents and experience join the JD Bank management team,” said Boyd Boudreaux, President and CEO. “She has a keen insight regarding cash management to pass on to our business customers, and she’s worked with personal customers as well, giving her impressive branch experience,” Boudreaux added.

Her husband’s service in the United States Army meant she had to re-locate a few times, but it is also what brought her and her family to Lafayette, where she has spent more than two decades in local banking. Judson was employed most recently by MidSouth Bank and she has worked as a teller, personal banker, branch manager, and for the last 15 years in cash management. “What I love about my new position at JD Bank is that hometown feel and being able to help those customers that are in our footprint, local business owners. My philosophy is we are building lifelong relationships with them,” Judson said.

JD Bank Earns’s 2018 Editor’s Choice Award™ for our Focus on Community Engagement in Louisiana

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JD Bank Earns Our 2018 Editor’s Choice Award™ for Its Focus on Community Engagement in Louisiana

By: Matt Walker
Posted: September 12, 2018

JD Bank Earns Our 2018 Editor’s Choice Award™ for Its Focus on Community Engagement in Louisiana
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In a Nutshell: In today’s fast-paced world, it can feel at times as if like the idea of community is being left behind. But JD Bank knows the importance of community involvement, and is helping to keep its community spirit alive. The Louisiana chain works encourages volunteering in its communities, donates to local charities, and provides financial education to various audiences. For these reasons, we have selected JD Bank as a recipient of the 2018 Editor’s Choice Award™. inShare

Summer is in full swing in Mamou, Louisiana, and on Splash Day, kids take a break from playing in the water to line up for a turn at the flamingo ring toss game. Others are eager to have their faces painted in bright colors and wild designs.

For the JD Bank volunteers operating the booth, this annual tradition hosted by the local police and fire departments is one of the most highly anticipated community events of the year.

As summer gives way to fall, and humidity’s grip begins to loosen, more than 200,000 attendees gather in downtown New Iberia for the World Championship Gumbo Cookoff. The event — in its 29th year — is estimated to provide an economic impact of at least $2 million to the city.
Again, JD Bank is there for the festivities.

Photo of Ann Barilleaux
Ann Barilleaux is the Vice President Marketing Director for JD Bank.

“To do business in a community, you have to know your community. You have to be a part of that community,” said Ann Barilleaux, Vice President Marketing Director for JD Bank.

The bank was founded in 1947 by community leaders in Jennings, Louisiana, who were interested in bringing improved financial services to Jeff Davis Parish (that’s where the JD comes in). With community improvement as a goal from the beginning, the JD Bank website notes that this theme has carried over in the intervening decades and continues today.

“JD Bank donates both the time and effort of our employees, as well as financial resources to the many philanthropic organizations in our service area,” according to the website. “We believe community service goes hand-in-hand with customer service.”

Today, JD Bank has 22 full-service locations and two drive-up branches across southwestern Louisiana, said Barilleaux. Its largest customer base is in the Lake Charles area but the company headquarters remain in Jennings.

JD Bank Employs a Three-Pronged Approach to Community Service: Volunteer, Donate, Educate

Barilleaux said JD Bank’s approach to continuing its tradition of community service is three-pronged: It encourages volunteering, donates money to worthy causes and charities, and provides financial education whenever possible.

“By doing that, you serve your customer on many, many levels besides just the transactional level,” Barilleaux said.

Of course, these three areas don’t always remain distinct from one another.

Financial education is a huge piece of how JD Bank gives back to the community and is often intertwined with volunteerism, Barilleaux said. The bank sends its lenders, branch managers, and other employees to volunteer in places like area schools, the Literary Council, and underserved areas, to help teach people about financial literacy and offer tips on how to manage their finances.

Photo of Dawn Primeaux with McNeese State women's basketball team
JD Bank’s McNeese location, provided financial literacy insight to the McNeese State University women’s basketball team.

“We actually have a program where we have partnered with the different school boards of the area to make them aware of the financial education program,” Barilleaux said. “We offer it to all the teachers. Some of the teachers will contact us to go and participate with them and other times, we’ll seek them out to make those connections.”

Barilleaux also highlights some of the other volunteer and community activities she said the employees are usually excited to participate in, like sponsoring a cooking team in a fundraiser cook-off for Jennings Communities Against Domestic Violence.

“Toys for Tots is also one they look forward to,” she said. “All of our branches are collection sites, and then we have employees who will use a vacation day to go distribute the toys. So we really get to do great things in all of our markets at many different levels as a community partner on the philanthropic side.”

Branch-level Employees Determine the Needs of the Community They Serve

“Our first commitment is to our customers,” Barilleaux said, “and part of our role as a community bank is that we still allow our lenders and the people in the branches to make decisions for what’s best for their communities, and what’s best for their customers.”

Barilleaux said this practice sets JD Bank apart from a lot of other financial institutions today. At many other institutions, once a customer fills out an application for financial services, the application is then sent to a decision-maker outside of the community.

As a community bank that often serves small communities, Barilleaux said she often relies on branch managers and staff to let her know what does or does not work in a particular market. She said her department makes all the final decisions about who to choose as community partners, and how to distribute its time, money, and other resources.

“But it’s really based on the recommendations of the people that live and work in those communities,” she said.

She said this approach helps determine whether funds are being used in an appropriate way and going toward an appropriate cause, if community partners are aligned with JD Bank’s own values and mission, and if the financial education program needs to be tailored to meet the needs of a particular group.

Barilleaux also said the needs of communities can vary greatly from one to another. One of JD Bank’s more agricultural markets will have very different needs than the community of a more metropolitan area like Lafayette. Each community also has various organizations and events that are important to that specific community for a variety of reasons.

Community Service Carries Over into the Business Model through Small Business Checking and Customer Call Center

JD Bank’s approach of placing customer needs first serves local communities and carries over into how the bank operates on the business side as well.
“We just launched our small business checking account, which we’re really excited about,” Barilleaux said. “That’s going to help a lot of our small business owners. When you have a small business, you need people to look out for you and be good stewards of your money.”

The account is suitable for a business with a low volume of monthly transactions. If a company qualifies for the free account, it can also take advantage of features like no deposit fees on the first 250 items per month, unlimited electronic deposits, and a free business debit card.

JD Bank also recently launched its own call center to better serve its customers’ needs. It is, “Your one-call information center for questions concerning your JD Bank account,” according to the website.

“It’s very nice because, you know, sometimes when you call a company, you can get a little frustrated that you’re bounced around a little bit while people try to find an answer to your questions,” Barilleaux said. “But this new call center helps streamline the process.”

Currently, the call center can be reached by dialing 1-800-789-5159, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Meanwhile, JD Bank offers a new mobile wallet, that allows customers to use a mobile device or laptop to make secure purchases quickly through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, using a personal or commercial JD Bank debit card.

JD Bank’s commitment to community is evident from the most individual level all the way to the top of the company.

At a cystic fibrosis walk for charity, a JD Bank employee and father whose daughter is affected by the condition, cooks a giant pot of jambalaya each year to serve the walkers as they raise awareness and funds for the cause, Barilleaux said.

In 2016, JD Bank donated $43,718 to the United Way of Southwest Louisiana, one of its most active partnerships.

The examples go on and on.

If being a part of a community is necessary to do business in a community, then JD Bank is a well-qualified partner for its broad reach across southwest Louisiana. With its extensive list of community associates and three-pronged approach of volunteering, donating, and educating, the regional chain has demonstrated its commitment to its community over and over again.

Veteran JD Community Banker Appointed To Manage Highway 14 Branch In Lake Charles

Lake Charles, La.- Oliver Clark, a 15-year JD Bank employee and Southwest Louisiana native, has been appointed to manage JD Bank’s Highway 14 branch in Lake Charles. “Oliver is one of the most experienced and dedicated employees in the JD Bank family,” said President and CEO Boyd Boudreaux. “He has literally worked in every position within a retail branch, and that is a tremendous accomplishment for Oliver.”

Before his appointment as Assistant Vice-President/Branch Manager at the Highway 14 branch, Clark serviced as Consumer Lender/Assistant Manager at JD Bank’s Kirby Street branch. He is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. Born and raised in Longville, Louisiana, Clark says he has enjoyed working at Louisiana’s Community Bank and has a passion to serve the community where he lives and works.

“I’ve lived in Lake Charles for more than 19 years, and we at JD Bank are a close-knit family. We know our customers by name, we’re local and we’re here to serve the community,” said Clark, who has served as President of the Volunteer Center, as a past board member for United Way of Southwest Louisiana, and volunteers for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

In addition to his love for banking, Clark has a keen interest in law enforcement. “One of my favorite TV shows has always been Law and Order. Before I decided banking was the profession for me, I really thought about a career in law enforcement,” Clark said. He completed the training and is currently serving as a commissioned reserve deputy for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department.

About JD Bank

Founded in 1947, JD Bank, Louisiana’s Community Bank, offers personal and business banking services across Southwest Louisiana and Acadiana, and the latest in online and mobile banking. For more information, visit or call 800-789-5159. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

Banking Compliance Veteran Appointed SVP/Chief Compliance Officer/In-House Counsel

LAKE CHARLES, La. –   George Shafer has joined the JD Bank team as Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and In-house Counsel. He spent the last 18 years working in compliance for three Louisiana banks. Shafer grew up in rural Vernon Parish, just north of DeRidder.  He graduated with a BA from Northwestern State University and then from LSU Law Center in 1995. Shafer was admitted to the Bar and practiced law for five years, before his passion for banking led him to the field where he’s worked ever since.

Shafer has extensive experience in all aspects of compliance for area financial institutions and, for a time, also handled asset management and trust compliance. As Chief Compliance Officer, Shafer will handle all compliance, including matters involving consumer protection laws and lending or deposits.  He will also be responsible for interacting with federal banking regulators as they examine the bank’s compliance.

Shafer will also rely on his experience as an attorney, serving as JD Bank’s In-house Counsel, where he will manage legal work and the analysis of internal documents and other bank transactions.  Shafer will also supervise legal matters with outside counsel.

“I’m thrilled to join Louisiana’s Community Bank,” said Shafer. “Compliance is an ever-changing world, and I love being involved at the senior management level, helping protect the interests of JD Bank and our customers.” Shafer and his wife of 23 years, Diana, moved to the Lafayette area in 2006.  The Shafers have two sons, Devin, 12, and Daniel, 9.

President and CEO Boyd Boudreaux said, “It is rare to find someone with George’s unique and combined experience in banking, compliance, customer service, and the law.  We are excited he has joined the senior management team at JD Bank.”

About JD Bank

Founded in 1947, JD Bank, Louisiana’s Community Bank, offers personal and business banking services across Southwest Louisiana and Acadiana, and the latest in online and mobile banking. For more information, visit or call 800-789-5159. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

Mark Lewis Named VP/Commercial Lender at the HWY 14 Branch

LAKE CHARLES, La. –  JD Bank has turned to an experienced banking professional to strengthen our commercial lending division at the Highway 14 branch in Lake Charles. Mark F. Lewis has 25-years of banking experience and has been hired as Vice President and Commercial Lender.

In this role, Lewis will oversee commercial and small business lending and business development in the Southwest Louisiana area. “I’ve served my entire professional life in banking and, as a commercial lender, it’s so exciting to see successful businesses thrive in our community, and to know our bank played a role in that success is such a great feeling,” said Lewis. “Joining the team at JD Bank is a dream come true for me. We’re more than just bankers, we’re neighbors and friends.”

Lewis is a life-long resident of Lake Charles and graduated from Washington-Marion High School. He attended McNeese State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in General Business Administration. Lewis has received certification in Financial Statement Analysis and Business Credit Training from Omega Performance, an industry leader in skills development for commercial lenders.

Lewis is a perfect fit for Louisiana’s Community Bank. He is a dedicated Board member of Lake Charles Kiwanis North and also serves on the Board of directors for SWLA Center for Health Services. Lewis attends Bethel Metropolitan Baptist Church where he serves as a Trustee in the Men’s Ministry.

About JD Bank

Founded in 1947, JD Bank, Louisiana’s Community Bank, offers personal and business banking services across Southwest Louisiana and Acadiana, and the latest in online and mobile banking. For more information, visit or call 800-789-5159. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.


JD Bank Wins National Marketing Video Award

ABA Marketing Video Award Presentation
ABA Marketing Video Award Presentation
JD Bank VP/Director of Marketing Ann Barilleaux received the ABA Marketing Video Award award recently.

JENNINGS, La. – JD Bank was honored by the American Bankers Association (ABA) this week with an award that recognizes the nation’s best bank marketing videos. The second annual ABA Bank Marketing Video Awards, presented on Monday evening at the ABA Marketing Conference in New Orleans, featured nearly 300 entries from banks of all sizes nationwide.

JD Bank’s “ZydeCash” video was honored as the winner among banks in the $500 Million – $1 Billion Asset category. The video features a Louisiana zydeco band that suddenly appears and performs in a hardware store when a customer uses his “ZydeCash” card for a purchase.

“Being a Louisiana company is an integral part of JD Bank’s corporate culture and how we serve each of our communities, and this video reflects that in a fun and creative way,” said Boyd R. Boudreaux, President & CEO of JD Bank. “We were honored to be in great company with the other videos submitted by our peers, and we appreciated how so many of our friends and customers voted for us online. To be honored by the ABA, which celebrates the positive impact that banks make in their communities makes this a meaningful award to JD Bank.”

A panel of bank marketing experts evaluated the production value, creativity and messaging of all the entries. The top six videos for each asset category were then posted on for public voting, where more than 6,000 voters determined the winners. To view JD Bank’s award-winning video click here.

The ABA Bank Marketing Conference is an annual gathering of retail bankers, marketers and executives from across the nation to discuss banking services.

About JD Bank

Founded in 1947 and celebrating 70 years as Louisiana’s Community Bank, JD Bank offers personal and business banking services across Southwest Louisiana and Acadiana, and the latest in online and mobile banking. For more information, visit or call (800) 789-5159. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.


5 Things to Know About JD Bank Commercial Lending

Business Statement Savings with JD Bank

JD Bank is dedicated to growing Louisiana and lending to local businesses of all types and sizes. We partner with Louisiana businesses for the financing they need to get started or continue to grow, and JD Bank has over 70 years of experience lending to local companies in a wide range of industries.

Business Statement Savings with JD BankCommercial builders, restaurants, energy companies and medical facilities are just a few of the industries that JD Bank has worked with to find lending solutions. All businesses require funding, and JD Bank is proud to have been part of the amazing growth of this region.

“We pride ourselves on our flexibility and knowing our customers,” said Ann Barilleaux, Vice President Marketing Director of JD Bank. “Our lenders are experienced in business financing, and they work with small business owners, help them understand their options and make the most of opportunities.”

Here are five things to know about commercial and business lending with JD Bank.

1. Qualified applicants can utilize JD Bank commercial lending for any business need.

“You can use a commercial loan for working capital, purchasing a building, new equipment, investment real estate, expansions or anything a business may need,” said Barilleaux. “Short-term needs are where an unsecured business line of credit comes in.”

An unsecured business line of credit gives business owners rapid access to cash flow secured by the equity in their business.

2. Any asset can be considered collateral for a business loan.

“Real estate, equipment, accounts receivable and any general asset of a business can be considered collateral,” Barilleaux said.

3. It’s not always necessary to have collateral.

JD Bank has several types of unsecure loans available that don’t demand collateral, and many regional businesses have thrived with the assistance of an unsecure loan.

4. Many businesses are launched when a co-signer helps with a credit-based loan.

“It’s known as a guarantor, and we see that quite a bit,” said Barilleaux. “Particularly among beginning businesses. A start-up may not have cash flow at first, but a friend, family member or associate could have the funds or assets to help a small, young business get started.”

5. Business funding arrives quickly from JD Bank. 

 “It generally depends on the size and complexity of a loan but a smaller unsecure loan can get approved and funded within 72 hours,” said Barilleaux. “Real estate loans can take longer because of appraisals.”

– JDB –

JD Bank’s Tony Hulsey honored by United Way of Southwest La.

Main Office Manager Tony Hulsey honored by United Way of Southwest Louisiana

Tony Hulsey, JD Bank Vice President / Office Manager of the Main St. office in Jennings, was honored recently by the United Way of Southwest Louisiana at the charitable organization’s annual Leaders & Legends meeting.

At the event, Hulsey was presented with two awards by United Way of Southwest Louisiana President and CEO Denise Durel. Hulsey received the Cabinet Award for serving as the chairman of the organization’s fundraising campaign for Jefferson Davis Parish, and he was also recognized for serving on the Investment Committee.

“I was humbled and honored to receive this recognition from the United Way of Southwest Louisiana,” said Hulsey. “JD Bank and its employees take immense pride in being Louisiana’s Community Bank, and a big part of that for all of us is working to support organizations in our region.”

The United Way of Southwest Louisiana’s annual campaign raises funds throughout the year to meet many different needs, including funding various health, education and income programs throughout the region. Overall, the 2015 campaign raised nearly $4.3 million, exceeding the goal of $4 million and achieving a percentage of goal of 107.3 percent — the highest percentage achieved since 1995.

“JD Bank and its employees take immense pride in being Louisiana’s Community Bank, and a big part of that for all of us is working to support organizations in our region.” – Tony Hulsey, JD Bank Jennings Main VP & Office Manager

As a member of the Investment Committee, Hulsey was a part of the executive group that is responsible for making decisions regarding the financial investments of the United Way of Southwest Louisiana resources.

Hulsey, a past chairman of the Jeff Davis Chamber of Commerce, has been with JD Bank for three years.

For over 75 years, the the United Way of Southwest Louisiana has been committed to building strong, successful families and strengthening the community.

JD Bank is a full-service bank founded in 1947. Its corporate office is located in Jennings, La., and JD Bank has 24 locations across southwest Louisiana. For nearly 70 years, community involvement has been a cornerstone of the JD Bank corporate philosophy and growth.

​​​​​​ JD Bank welcomes Saturday Banking at three locations

Saturday banking now available at three locations at JD Bank.

With customers requesting more available hours to visit their local branch office to take care of their banking needs, the full-service JD Bank offices located at Ryan St. and Nelson Rd. in Lake Charles and Main St. in Jennings are now open for Saturday banking from 9 a.m. until noon.

“We are very excited to extend Saturday banking to our Nelson Rd. branch,” said Cyndi Mire, JD Bank Vice President / Nelson Rd. Office Manager. “This will allow more of our customers to take advantage of a few extra hours each week to get their banking done. JD Bank tries to make banking convenient for our customers. Now with three Saturday banking locations, we feel like we have done just that.”

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the Saturday banking at these three locations, as well as JD Bank’s online and mobile banking services

Many banks have reduced office hours because of the popularity of online and mobile banking. JD Bank remains committed to technology and convenience with a full array of digital banking, but is also expanding its traditional personalized service available at these Lake Charles and Jennings locations to Saturdays to satisfy demand.

“Our customers expressed that they’d like for this centrally-located JD Bank to be open on Saturdays to take care of any needs they have during their morning routine,” said Tony Hulsey, JD Bank Vice President / Main St. Office Manager. “From providing 24/7 online banking to being open on Saturdays, we are always listening to our customer’s input and adjusting to make their lives more convenient.”

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the new Saturday hours at these three locations, as well as JD Bank’s online and mobile banking services. With the JD Bank mobile app, customers can easily monitor account balances, transfer funds and deposit checks remotely using their mobile phone camera. The app also helps find the nearest JD Bank ATM and office location.

JD Bank was founded in Jennings in 1947 and is Louisiana’s Community Bank.SM JD Bank has expanded to 24 locations in seven parishes across south Louisiana.

Click here for more information on the locations and hours of operation of your local JD Bank.


JD Bank Adjusts Branch Hours in Kinder, Lafayette, New Iberia

JD Bank Adjusts Branch Hours in Kinder, Lafayette, New Iberia

JENNINGS, La. – JD Bank is making slight changes to its operating hours at three locations beginning Nov. 2. The locations include the bank’s Kinder, Lafayette and New Iberia branches.

The Kinder branch drive-through window will open at 8 a.m. and close a half-hour earlier at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Lobby hours will remain the same for the Kinder branch, operating 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays.

For branches in Lafayette and New Iberia, lobby areas will operate 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday schedules will remain unchanged, operating 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Drive-through window times for Lafayette and New Iberia branches also will remain 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of JD Bank’s online and mobile banking services for everyday banking needs. With the JD Bank mobile app, customers can easily monitor account balances, transfer funds and deposit checks remotely using their mobile phone camera. The app also helps find the nearest JD Bank ATM and office locations.

Click here for more information about JD Bank’s online banking services. A full list of the bank’s branch locations and operating hours is available here.